That's a list of stuff which would in the past sometimes cause an issue at a later time, so I'd like to discuss them beforehand.
If you’d be comfortable with them, or if we need to change something.
It’s a bit of a read, so please bear with me.

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Version 23 (2019-09-24)

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  • I like to upload the result to the website myself.
    That way they appear at my profile page at the uploads tab.
    You don't have to have an account there, I'll credit your artist name properly.
    In case we are creating stickers, additionally Telegram as well.
    You could release it anywhere else afterwards.

  • Also I would like to preserve the right to not have it released at all without any reason given.
    Of course that wouldn't change the payment you receive.

  • Signatures or watermarks on the pony are a no for me.
    I’m all for giving you credit for the work you do, so a signature in a corner of the image or similar would be perfectly fine. It just shouldn’t cover the image content itself.

  • For this next rule I'm very sorry that I have to do this, but because of some other auctions scamming me, I'm forced to include this:
    I'd like to make you aware that if I do not get to see any progress made with that auction requested within the first two weeks (14 days) after payment, I'll have to escalate a complaint to PayPal to get my money back – before that becomes impossible to do so.
    I require WIPs or something convincing me that you're working on it and will indeed deliver.
    I'm really sorry for that drastic procedure, but in the past I had artists not even writing back after the payment.

    Should I have reclaimed my money and you still want to complete the piece I would be happy to transfer the money again as soon as the final product is delivered.
    Again, I'm really sorry for that precaution, but some sellers sadly just don't play fair.

  • Some notes I collected over time from other auctions